Pokemon HOME Theme

Though Nintendo of America doesn't like to advertise new 3DS HOME themes in its download update — unlike its European contemporary — there's good news for owners of the portable in the region. The four Super Smash Bros. and two new Pokémon themes are all available to pick up at $1.99 each, bringing the Western regions largely in sync with each other.

While you can see Nintendo of Japan's official videos for the Smash Bros. themes at the link above, some more recent videos include the [url=https://www.nintendolife.com/games/3ds/pokemon_omega_ruby_and_alpha_sapphire]ORAS[url] and Pikachu options among a host of others now available both exclusively in Japan and in some cases around the world. These official videos are particularly handy due to the limited previews within the Theme Shop itself, it must be said, while recent trends suggest that most of these will arrive in the West in the future.

You can check them out below, with the commonly available 'mon and Mario-themed options at the top, followed by those currently only available in Japan. Enjoy!