Toys vs Monsters

Whether publishing or developing, EnjoyUp Games continues to bring plenty of budget download games — some rather good — to the eShop platforms. The company has now announced a festive release date for its next title on 3DS, Toys vs. Monsters — it'll arrive in North America and Europe on 18th December.

This is a strategy game that promises 'intense' action and is no doubt going to target kids and big kids alike; the concept is rather simple, as you control a variety of toys to take on and defeat monsters. This also promises challenges, mini-games and plenty of levels to provide 'more than 20 hours' of content; we'll take that promise with a pinch of salt, but it'll be interesting to see how much this will have to offer. The chance to assemble a battle-hardened group of toys for battle in stages such as an aquarium and Fair does sound like fun, on paper.

We'll know whether this will qualify as one of EnjoyUp's stronger efforts in just a few weeks; a couple of teaser trailers are below, so check them out and let us know whether this is on your radar.