It should be said that, overall, the gulf of attractive collectibles available in Japan compared to the West has probably shortened. Localisation and an increasingly globalised world — not to mention various import retailers — make it easier for fans of Japanese culture to keep up with awesome products released in the country. There's another such product to potentially add to the list, this time focused on Nintendo's history.

The Nintendo Complete Guide book, pictured below, is over 190 pages long and covers the history of the company, seemingly from its playing cards days, to its range of toys in the '70s and, of course, its rise to the top of the video game industry. That's 125 years of history and products to soak in.

The timing is perfect, of course, as Nintendo celebrated its 125th anniversary this year. A book like this is certainly be ideal for the occasion.

We don't expect this to make it West, but it's certainly a potential option for import when it hits Japan on 5th December, especially if the promise of 500 images throughout minimises the worry over translating Japanese text.

Nintendo History Book

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