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The ongoing support for the Wii U version of Zen Pinball 2 continues with Zen Studios announcing Spider-Man’s symbiotic nemesis, Venom, will receive his very own themed table.

The Marvel Comics-inspired table – also featuring the heroic web slinger Spider-Man, Eddie Brock as the empowered villain, and Venom’s twisted offspring, Carnage – will be released on the Wii U eShop on 11th December, for $2.99/€2,99/£2.49, respective to your region.

Below is the official announcement:

As Eddie Brock’s journalism career spiraled downward, he always blamed Spider-Man for his own failure. A symbiotic organism from an alien world sensed his rage, and having itself been rejected by Spidey before, shared his hatred of the web-head. Thus, the Symbiote chose Brock as its next host, and together they are – Venom.

The Venom pinball table features Eddie Brock as the Symbiote-empowered villain as he faces not just his mortal enemy, Spider-Man, but also the threat of his twisted offspring, Carnage. Can Venom and Spider-Man team up to defeat a greater threat?

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If you’re a fan of Venom – or the Spider-Man series in general – let us know in the comments if you’ll be purchasing this new table DLC for Zen Pinball 2 on release.