Shulk WTF

Nintendo today revealed 11 new amiibo figures heading to stores in early 2015; in Europe six are listed for 23rd January and another five for 20th February, while in North America they've simply been given a 'February' window so far. In the latter region it's been suggested that some of these newer figures would be exclusive to particular retailers; the first of these seems to have broken cover.

GameStop is listing the Shulk amiibo with a 1st February date in the US (possibly a placeholder) and as an exclusive in the country. GameStop has a track record with Shulk — sort of — when it drew ire for selling and allegedly re-printing Xenoblade Chronicles at $90, being accused of abusing its exclusivity of that game in the US; the reprinting allegation wasn't proven, but the title was certainly pricey for a time. As an update on that, it's now a more reasonable $54.99 pre-owned from the retailer, albeit that's still a premium price (for a second-hand Wii game) due to its relative rarity.


We're yet to see whether any more amiibo — particularly in this early 2015 range — will be exclusive to specific retailers, while we haven't seen any equivalent deals in Europe as yet. Are you bothered by this, or happy to see retailer exclusives to push the full range of the figures? Let us know.

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