Moon Chronicles

Developer Renegade Kid is asking the Twitter community if they'd be interested in supporting a possible Kickstarter campaign they have in mind.

The campaign is suggested for a Wii U version of Moon Chronicles, which was released earlier this year on the 3DS eShop. No details about whether or not this potential title would be episodic like its 3DS counterpart or not, and the attitude from the developer seems to be very much speculative for the time being:


The tweet has received over 300 favourites and retweets at the time of writing, but given the failure of Cult County's Kickstarter campaign, which only received 10% of its target, caution is likely to be running high throughout the development team.

Is a Wii U version of Moon Chronicles something you'd be interested in, or are you dubious about the success such a campaign might have? Let us know your view with a comment!