With its release now just a short while away, we've seen almost all there is to see of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, aside from the inevitable surprises. Masahiro Sakurai is, nevertheless, taking the opportunity to reveal some new stages in his Miiverse posts, and this one looks particularly fun.

At first glance Wuhu Island looks like the Pilotwings course, starting out on a plane swooping around the island. As Sakurai-san shows, though, it rapidly evolves to take in the sights from Wii Sports Resort, from a variety of angles. We see brawlers on power cruisers, for example, while Zero Suit Samus and Shulk appear to be recreating a summer beach scene — a 'playful' couple gallivanting around — from a corny romantic movie.

Pic of the day. Here's a new stage, Wuhu Island. Flying around Wuhu Island may remind you of the Pilot Wings stage, but this time we tour famous locations on the island.


For example, here's the starting line of a power-cruising race. You may also find yourself at a mountain summit, in front of a fountain, on a suspension bridge, in a fighting arena, or riding on a boat. The stage really feels like a resort vacation.

Wuhu2 ONE

I've been so busy with developing this game that I dreamed about tropical islands every time I saw this stage. …Beaches in the summer are great, aren't they?


It's evolving setup could be rather entertaining. Meanwhile, below are the game director's previous posts showing off the Yoshi's Woolly World stage, which we actually played and write about in our Super Smash Bros. preview.

Pic of the day. Here's something we didn't even announce in "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: 50-Fact Extravaganza"(“ Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: 50 Must-See Things”)--a stage from Yoshi's Woolly World. This stage was added and developed quite near the end of development. The surfaces are soft and cushiony.


The mobiles are placed in different locations depending on the situation, and they tilt according to weight distribution. The stage also gets rearranged, so the ground may disappear temporarily during a remodel.


Are you excited about these stages? Are there any particular settings you're looking forward to? Let us know.

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