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Hyrule Warriors has evolved a fair amount since launch day, with Koei Tecmo's DLC and updates adding new content while tweaking the basic rules of the game; for one thing you can now level up to a God-like degree, it seems.

Today's the day, of course, for the second major DLC pack, which is themed around Twilight Princess. In addition to the dashing Postman outfit — above — for Link, there's an Ilia outfit for Zelda, a new Copy Rod weapon, the inclusion of Twili Midna as a playable character and another Adventure Mode map. Once again it all adds more bang for your buck, especially if you've opted for the 'season pass' option.

Update 1.4.0 is also live, the main function of which is to introduce amiibo compatibility. If you scan a Link amiibo you get a neat Spinner weapon, while any other amiibo — up to five can be scanned in a day — will give you a small reward; rather humorously it's possible to be given just one rupee for a scanned figure. The update does add some other content, however, detailed below with plenty of excitable exclamation marks.

The maximum warrior level is now 150!
You can now carry up to 999 of a single type of material!
New mixtures have appeared in the Apothecary!
New medals are waiting to be won!
You can now receive amiibo presents! Touch an amiibo to the GamePad while on the title screen to get a random bonus. An amiibo can give you only one present a day, but you can receive up to five presents if you use five different amiibo!

Lots to enjoy for Hyrule Warriors owners, then. You can see the DLC in action, meanwhile, in Koei Tecmo's trailer below.

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