Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is around the corner, and so we're bringing you a double issue of our regular summary of Masahiro Sakurai's Director's Room Miiverse community posts. Naturally some of you may wonder what the heck happened last week — previews of the actual game and your humble scribe / curator being on Holiday is what happened.

Moving swiftly on, this double whammy includes some key features and new stages that we covered in separate articles, along with host of others showing off specific features; Sakurai-san certainly had fun in the Photo Studio, for example, while showing more of the Stage Builder.

You can find those posts from last week below — click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

27th October

28th October

29th October

After each battle, the fighters that lost get blown away!! The fighters remaining on the field will once again team up with other fighters on the field. You can actually choose fighters you've blown away to join your team in team battles. A rival will always appear in this mode, and the longer that character survives, the stronger it will get.


30th October

"It is bitter, yet tasty."


31st October

3rd November

4th November

The field in Classic mode has five different backgrounds determined by the intensity level. On low intensity, the background looks peaceful, but on high intensity, the atmosphere gets pretty intimidating.


5th November

It's Past Your Bedtime sets up another predetermined situation for a single-player Event. In this one, Jigglypuff needs to put every fighter to sleep at the same time. There are quite a few scenarios like this that aren't simply brawls.


6th November

The mobiles are placed in different locations depending on the situation, and they tilt according to weight distribution. The stage also gets rearranged, so the ground may disappear temporarily during a remodel.


7th November

For example, here's the starting line of a power-cruising race. You may also find yourself at a mountain summit, in front of a fountain, on a suspension bridge, in a fighting arena, or riding on a boat. The stage really feels like a resort vacation.

0711 ONE

I've been so busy with developing this game that I dreamed about tropical islands every time I saw this stage. …Beaches in the summer are great, aren't they?

0711 TWO

So there you have it, let us know which were your favourites in the poll and comments below — there are twice as many choices, so pick carefully.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this time? (166 votes)

  1. Speedo Shulk celebrates his lack of clothing11%
  2. Mario looks excited about a customised match  0%
  3. Kirby considers his options in Classic mode  0%
  4. Luigi and Pikachu make a dramatic exit after defeat  0%
  5. That finger must really smell bad...17%
  6. ...Yet it's oddly tasty10%
  7. Sakurai-san shows off the Stage Builder3%
  8. It's the Wii U menu, if menus are your jam1%
  9. The 'Nothing Harder' intensity on the Fiend's Scale is pretty dark4%
  10. Mega Man and Sonic prepare for a tough battle1%
  11. Jackpot Opportunity takes the dangers of loan sharks to whole new level1%
  12. Jigglypuff sends everything, apart from Ness, to sleep2%
  13. We pick up the thread with a Yoshi's Woolly World stage13%
  14. Nintendo finally goes mobile, sort of...1%
  15. The Wuhu Island stage takes the Pilotwings stage up a notch2%
  16. Have a brawl as giant Miis on power-cruisers pass by  0%
  17. Zero Suit Samus and Shulk get flirty on the beach26%
  18. Ooh, I can't decide!9%
  19. I don't like any of them1%

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