Hori has produced some of the more attractive licensed Nintendo peripherals, and it's now confirmed two Super Mario Bros.-themed GameCube-style controllers — they're only confirmed for Japan so far, each retailing for 2,980 yen. While looking almost identical to Smash players’ beloved GameCube controller, these plug into a Wii Remote and are compatible with the latest Super Smash Bros. instalment as well as other Wii titles; in other words, it's a Classic Controller.

Releasing on 6th December, fans of the Super Smash Bros. series should be delighted as the Wii U version approaches. Or should they? One of the more notable features of this new controller is its turbo function, which contains three settings: 5, 10, and 20 button presses per push. This seems like a great addition for more casual players, who will most likely enjoy spamming a million fireballs or laser beams per second; this'll no doubt not become part of the competitive scene. The new controller will also have a larger d-pad, giving players more of an incentive to taunt their opponent away after an awesome KO. “Show me a move!”

You can see images of the controllers below — would you like to see these come to the West?

Mario Pad
Mario Box
Luigi Pad
Luigi Box