The New Nintendo 3DS is now out in Japan and has enjoyed a strong start in the charts, shifting nearly 235,000 units in its launch weekend. The smaller model was actually outsold by the LL (XL), which surprises us for one reason — Kisekae faceplaces.

We can't help but be charmed by these faceplates, which are interchangeable on the top and bottom half of the system. The launch range of 38 in Japan will be joined by a Super Smash Bros. set on 8th November. Nintendo has now fully revealed another 15 sets on its official website, with 14 being released on 21st November and a Yokai Watch entry coming a bit later on 13th December.

You can see them all below, kicking off with a gorgeous see-through set for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire.


Let us know which is your favourite of these new sets in the poll and comments below, while we just hope the full range makes it to the West in 2015.

Which of the new Kisekae faceplates is your favourite? (131 votes)

  1. Phwoar, see-through Pokémon all the way26%
  2. Keeping it cool with K.K. Slider12%
  3. Blue and white stripes  0%
  4. Red and white stripes  0%
  5. The Mario Bros. and Bowser try a Call of Duty aesthetic2%
  6. The Mario Bros. and Bowser scrap in the night light1%
  7. Life is full of questions, so I want the Question Block17%
  8. Mario's lovely moustache  0%
  9. Luigi's lovely moustache3%
  10. Yellow stripes and circles to soothe my soul  0%
  11. Boo's happy / scary face11%
  12. The angry Goomba8%
  13. The first Kawaii assortment of random images4%
  14. Boo's cloudy Kawaii design4%
  15. It's all about Yokai Watch3%
  16. I can't choose!7%
  17. I don't like any of them2%

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