The Wii U eShop continues to attract a diverse range of projects, and another on the way is an ambitious game called Pilgrim from developer Disintegration Games. Its target scope is rather grand, as it incorporates a period of 100 years and multiple characters, starting with a young Scottish immigrant travelling to the US.

This looks set to be about the journey above all else, then, with some RPG elements in terms of levelling up. The approach of levels and objectives being tied to 'generations' is certainly bold, especially if the landscape and nature of the environments will evolve towards the modern day.

This title is also coming to Ouya, with the following concept video recently posted by the developer on Ouya forums.

The developer explains a little more in an interview over on the Nexis Games website, though as development's at an early stage firm details are relatively scarce. Does this game and its premise interest you?

[source nexisgames.com]