Miiverse is often evolving, rather like your hardy Pokémon or the swag on Reggie Fils-Aime's desk, and its web-based setup means that Nintendo can make small changes without any effort required from us, the gamers.

The social platform has had another minor tweak, with Nintendo of Europe's Marty — but, oddly, not the North American equivalent we were checking — announcing the following basic updates earlier today; we can all play spot the typo, too (goodness knows you play that game with our writing!)

Not exactly an update to blow our minds, but filtering the occasionally over-burdened Activity Feed with friend's posts will be welcome. It's not an option on 3DS as, alas, the otherwise-awesome portable is still rocking friend codes and a generally clunky setup in that area.

So, enjoy that filtering and the search bar's new location, what wacky update will come next?

[source miiverse.nintendo.net]