Football Up Online 03

EnjoyUp Games is a prolific download game developer on Nintendo hardware, and is revisiting one of its releases for an online update on 3DS — Football Up Online will arrive as a successor to Soccer Up 3D / Football Up 3D on the eShop.

In terms of features, much seems to remain unchanged from the previous title, with the main addition being online matches; these will be a 1 vs 1 affair. That'll no doubt add to the fun somewhat, though we also hope that adjustments and improvements will have been made to the gameplay, of which we were fairly critical when awarding Soccer Up 3D 4/10 in our review.

The developer has told us that, at present, a release is only confirmed for Europe. It'll hit the region on 6th November, while there'll be a 75% discount on its price — which we imagine will be similar to the last entry — for those that own Football Up 3D on the same 3DS. In that respect it could be treated as an upgrade by fans of the original.

We'll see how this updated entry performs soon, then. Are you planning to have a shot at this one?