Robots & Dungeons

The Wii U eShop isn't, at present, short of projects confirmed for a release in the coming year. They range from high-profile titles to others from new studios; Dungeons & Robots by Glow Games Studio falls into the latter category.

The lore is fairly lengthy, incorporating robotic figures that have build small civilisations and have plans to plunder a planet for a valuable resource — Pure Crystal. Gameplay is, as the screen suggests, isometric dungeon crawling with plenty of RPG elements. Gathering loots, upgrading abilities, managing resources and taking on enemies in labyrinth environments form the core of the title. It'll have single player and co-op, with some screens showing chat boxes emphasizing the point that it's in development for multiple systems — we imagine PC will also be a natural home. The Wii U GamePad will be used for navigating through menus and managing items, however, which should prove particularly useful with this kind of experience.

That's the basic concept, with plenty of detail at the source link below — release is targeting the first half of 2015. Is this dungeon-crawling RPG concept tempting? Let us know.