Captain Toad Screen

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a surprise announcement during E3, spinning off the basic principles of the bonus levels in Super Mario 3D World for a full release. It's the first time that the captain and his brethren have been the stars of their own game, and we were rather impressed in our first impressions article.

While the release has fallen into early 2015 in Europe, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the title will arrive in its region on 5th December with a recommended price of $39.99; that's the 'budget retail' price bracket. It's a title that promises to go well beyond the basic ideas of those original bonus levels, while making good use of the GamePad's various capabilities. It'll also support amiibo, but this won't be available in the game until 2015.

Are you planning to pick this up for the Holiday festivities in North America, or simply waiting impatiently in Europe and PAL territories? Let us know.