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A young composer by the name of Sam Dillard has been hard at work composing and compiling his tribute to the spectacular music of the Metroid series, and has announced that the album is available to download right now.

The 16 tracks on offer are all based heavily on tracks from the Metroid series as you might expect, but these are no simple re-arrangements, rather Dillard has taken aspects from these songs and reworked them into their own unique beasts. No doubt if you're a fan of the Metroid series you'll recognise most of the tracks, but the songs are all filled with wonderful little flourishes that hark back to many of the great titles from the system.

One of the games that has been most heavily featured is Metroid Prime, and we've been able to secure a special minute-long preview of the track 'Inferno' for you lucky people that's not available anywhere else without purchase. This track is based on the theme from Magmoor Caverns, which is an all-time favourite of many Metroid fans. You can find the track below for your listening pleasure

The album is available to download from Loudr, and you can name the price you'd like to pay from just $9.99.

We love these sort of fan projects, do you as well? Let us know in the comments section if you plan on sending over some currency for this musical love letter to one of gaming's greatest ladies.

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