It has its defenders that'll protect its honour from a hail of criticism, but the Super Mario Bros. movie isn't exactly universally loved. It was the film equivalent of interpretive dance — it vaguely resembled its subject matter but was ultimately confusing and bonkers.

It could have been an entirely different movie, however. Check out this tweet from Console Wars author Blake J. Harris, below, which outlines Nintendo's early pre-production plans for the movie.

Danny DeVito was planned to play "one of the brothers" though, frankly, due to his short stature he would inevitably be cast as Mario. More intriguingly Nintendo was lining up a heavy-hitting name to write the script — Barry Morrow is an oscar winning screenwriter (for Rain Man) that was working on the project but was not credited in the final result. Perhaps the zany and almost nonsensical approach that was adopted wasn't to his tastes.

Would you have liked Danny DeVito to star in this movie? Was not appearing in it the best move he ever made? He seems to have been Nintendo's number one choice, though he ended up number two.