Rive Screenshot 4

During the summer period Two Tribes, the studio best known for its Toki Tori titles that also restructured and started again earlier in the year, announced its new 2D shooter — RIVE. At the time Two Tribes told us that it was "gunning" for Wii U development, and the studio has now confirmed on Twitter and to us at EGX in London that the title will definitely arrive on Nintendo's home console.

That removes the doubt following its initial announcement, with Two Tribes working on the PC and Wii U versions internally and outsourcing the PS4 and Xbox One iterations. The previous doubt had been due to niggling concerns over performance on Wii U, but having spoken to the studio's co-founder, Collin van Ginkel, he's indicated that there is a build running on Nintendo's hardware. The team is confident enough with progress to officially include the system as a platform, especially with the group's previous experience running the engine — a modified version of that used for Toki Tori 2+ — on Wii U.

We'll be sitting down for a detailed chat around the game at EGX and bringing you some first impressions soon; in the meantime you can learn more from our previous interview with Two Tribes.