Pokemon Card Game

Earlier this year, during the Pokémon World Championship, a Pokémon Trading Card Game app was confirmed for iPad. It caused some debate due to the choice of platform, with some sharing the view that they'd have preferred to see the app on Wii U and / or 3DS instead.

In any case, it seems the initial roll-out is underway. The app has appeared in the Canadian iTunes store; unsurprisingly it's a free download, but there are in-app purchases. While this has been around in recent times on PC, the last Trading Card Game on Nintendo hardware was on Game Boy Color, with a recent release on the 3DS Virtual Console in Europe.

The Pokémon Company may be owned by Nintendo but certainly operates with plenty of freedom, meaning this app isn't a particularly surprising arrival. As we've argued previously, it could be a smart move for a number of reasons, even if it's frustrating for those that want to see the Trading Card Game return to Nintendo's systems.

Are you planning to try this out on iPad? Let us know.

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