Metroid Prime Screenshot

Composer Sam Dillard is in the process of producing an album of music from the Metroid series called Metroid Cinematica, and aims to release it during October.

The music promises to be more of a re-imagining than a simple repeat performance of the original tracks. Certain moments from different themes will be interwoven in order to give a unique and cinematic feel to an unforgettable library of soundtracks:

"The concept is somewhere between a faithful rendition of the classic themes and what a Metroid film might sound like if I worked on it. Since I am really a filmmaker and storyteller at heart, nearly all of my work from the audio to the visual spectrum stems from a sort of movie-oriented direction. So this album is really focused on the idea of telling a story and providing a tangible atmosphere through the music."

The album is a labour of love, as Dillard has composed and produced the entire project by himself. Fuelled by his passion for Super Metroid – which he describes as being his all-time favourite game – Dillard hopes to celebrate the spectacular sounds that have been present throughout the Metroid series from the original NES outing to the Prime series.

Metroid Cinematic will be available on Loudr, iTunes, and other popular music distribution services. You can check out the trailer below, and if you want to hear a preview, you can do so by clicking here. Also, below is another special preview track that has been provided exclusively to Nintendo Life.

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