Characters on parade

WayForward has been living up to its name, steadily chugging along on Shantae: Half-Genie Hero ever since the project exceeded its Kickstarter goal last fall. In their most recent update, the team provides a taste from one of the game's in-development stretch goal chapters, "Sequins of Unfortunate Events."

While the footage uses some placeholders and asks for a bit of imagination on part of the viewer, the potential is certainly there.

Speaking of stretch goals, WayForward also announced that post-Kickstarter donations have brought Half-Genie Hero's grand total tantalizingly close to the $900,000 mark. Hitting the goal would open the addition of side characters Bolo, Sky, and Rottytops as playable choices through the main game in addition to the various versions of Shantae and nemesis/rival Risky Boots that were already unlocked. As of 12th August, total funding stands at $892,769.

WayForward is treating the stretch goal as a near-inevitability, but warns that the work in forging the new characters is liable to cause a delay from the original expected release date:

We’re going to need to adjust our schedule to allow for all of the added content. We’ll do our very best to keep you up to date with the most realistic Beta and Ship dates possible, but first we need to determine the impact this change in game scope will have on the project. So please accept our apologies in advance – an October 2014 launch is very unlikely at this point. But yep, this is the uncertain process of making games. Dates must slip when quality and scope cannot. We’re all working together to build the biggest, best game possible – and it just got even bigger.

Good on WayForward for being up front about the potential wait and having a suitable reason for it, but sometimes it feels like Estimated Delivery dates on all Kickstarter projects should be replaced with this sign.