Gather the noisemakers and break out your best pair of harem pants, because Shante: Half-Genie Hero has finished its Kickstarter campaign with several extra stretch goals tacked on.

The final total at the end of the campaign is $811,962, including more than $35,000 in PayPal donations. That is more than double the original Kickstarter goal of $400,000 and smashes through four of the game’s nine stretch goals.

In addition to the goals previously described, donors gave enough within the final 24 hours to unlock two more. The $700,000 stretch goal provides a selection of outfits for Shantae including a ninja, beach-goer and Mighty Switch Force’s Patricia Wagon, each of which will provide a change of stats and abilities for subsequent playthroughs of the game. The $800,000 goal added another new chapter to the story, "Fire and Forget!", that throws a rival genie an additional transformation into the mix.

According to an update on the Shantae Kickstarter page, PayPal donations will still be accepted and can be applied to any reward tiers that remain open. These donations will also still count toward further stretch goals, the next of which offers the chance to play through the game as three long-time supporting characters.

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