Typos are the curse of any writer, especially those that'll get metaphorically clubbed over the head and told off whenever they slip up in published articles. Thankfully these typos aren't actually important in a life and death sense, which seems to be the premise behind Typoman.

Set to come to the Wii U eShop in addition to various other platforms, this appears to be a puzzle platformer that takes visual cues from games such as Limbo. That's appropriate, as publisher Headup Games has produced ports of a number of titles including that shadowy platformer, in addition to other highly regarded games such as The Binding of Isaac and the PC / Mac iteration of Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition. This seems to be an original project for the company, and revolves around completing puzzles by completing words and interacting with the environment.

You can check out a concept trailer below to get a sense of how it'll work. There are no release date details yet, but this looks like an intriguing title that should stay on our radar.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.

[source pockett.net, via nintendoeverything.com]