Ask Away!

For those of you trendy enough to browse Reddit on a daily basis, you may be familiar with the Nintendo sub-Reddit, which hosts plenty of discussions around all things Nintendo. The site as a whole also plays host to regular AMA (ask me anything) sessions across multiple communities, and today it's our turn.

We'll be hosting our own AMA on the Nintendo sub-Reddit today (1st August) at 11am PST / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 8pm CET, in which we'll answer questions for roughly two hours.

Where is it? — The thread is right here.

Who'll be there? Managing Director Anthony Dickens will be on hand to cover topics such as Nintendo Life's history, business and general queries around technical website stuff. Editor Tom Whitehead will answer questions on editorial, games writing and general "what about Nintendo?"-style posers.

We hope you'll come along and ask us anything. Well, almost anything, topics such as the colour of our underwear are off the table.