Street Fighter 2010 Box - Edited

As is now the norm, Nintendo of America's most recent Nintendo Download Update also confirmed two additional titles on the way soon. In this case there are a couple of surprises and an uncommon release date.

Both of the confirmed releases are for the Wii U Virtual Console, and they'll both be available in the next seven days; details are below.

This'll be the first Virtual Console release of Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight in the West, and it's an intriguing NES title as its action platforming gameplay is a far cry from other Street Fighter games; it's an odd entry in the franchise, in that respect. Nobunaga's Ambition was previously released on the Wii Virtual Console in North America and is an ambitious Super NES strategy title; we gave it a reasonable recommendation in our review.

Are you interested in picking either of these up on the Wii U Virtual Console?