Wii Street U has perhaps been forgotten a little since its initial arrival as a free download in early 2013, though the fact it was a freebie helped to make it the most downloaded Wii U eShop title ever in some regions — Google really is taking over the world. We suspect that downloads of the Google Maps / Street View-inspired app took a tumble once it had a price introduced. It's a neat app, nevertheless, and is useful as a means of showing off the GamePad as a 'window' into the world.

Nintendo isn't quite finished with it, as it's kicked a treasure hunt / challenge in the app via Miiverse. You can see some details from Toshiaki Suzuki below.

Hello, this is Toshiaki Suzuki from Nintendo.

We've confirmed that there are new mysterious travelers hidden in Wii Street U! Use the hints below by utilizing the Records button to find them!

Wii Street U Challenge

Who are these mystery characters? That's for us all to find out. Will you be doing some virtual globetrotting to find these mystery travellers? If Mario isn't one of them we'd be amazed.

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