It feels like we're approaching the home straight of Super Smash Bros. hype, with the nights (slowly) drawing in and the arrival of the 3DS entry well under two months away. There are still some mysteries to be unravelled, however, and Masahiro Sakurai has been upping his efforts to get gamers excited about both versions.

Sakurai-san's exploits in the Director's Room Miiverse community were certainly notable last week. The Meta Knight reveal was the headline moment, but we were also shown new items and more of the 3DS version's UI (user interface) for equipping powers; don't knock it, those abilities will be pretty important in seeking an edge over opponents, so being able to select them without a complicated setup prompting a mild panic attack is rather important.

Plenty to look at, then; you can check out last week's Pic of the Day entries below — click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

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1308 Two

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If you hit the X Button, it will randomly fill up the remaining weight allowance with powers. You can keep changing the line-up as many times as you please. The level of a power is proportional to its strength, number of uses, and weight. Organizing them might be easier if you label your favorite powers with a ★.

Interesting screens this week, we hope you'll agree; let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (210 votes)

  1. Mii Fighters decide to try a bit of cosplay11%
  2. Pikachu looks rather pleased to have the Special Flag10%
  3. Meta Knight makes its menacing entrance28%
  4. Kirby's stunned by Mega Knight's Shuttle Loop6%
  5. Mega Man shows off some stylish threads - and moves31%
  6. Equipping powers for Smash Run is like a deadly lunch box6%
  7. Um, I can't decide4%
  8. I don't like any of them3%

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