Mega Ran
Image: James A. Johnson / Mega Ran

North American hip-hop artist Random AKA Mega Ran is well known on the music scene thanks to his cutting edge retro-styled beats. Since the creation of his alter-ego Mega Ran, this former teacher has become one of the premier artists in hip-hop’s nerdcore genre, released multiple albums, secured a licensing deal with Capcom and toured the world doing what he loves. Not bad for a guy who started out sampling video games for his own personal enjoyment.

While Random has a packed itinerary, we thought his upcoming UK tour dates deserved a special mention:

The gig at the excellent Centre for Computing History in Cambridge which is supported by the British IBM and electro-rapper MC iPod looks set to provide a great evening of uplifting musical entertainment.

We'll leave you with Mega Ran's tribute to Mega Man 9's fiendish Robot Master Splash Woman. Will you try to catch Mega Ran on one of his UK tour dates?