It's-a me!

The voice of Mario, Charles Martinet has recently set up an account on Vine where within the space of 24 hours he's already shared some awesomely creative micro-video clips. Using dancing figurines of Mario, Luigi and Wario he breathes live into his surroundings.

58 year old talented voice actor Martinet famously voices Mario in all of Nintendo's recent titles. In addition he is the voice behind Toadsworth, Waluigi, Cranky Kong as well as Mario & Luigi's baby forms.

Take a look at these mini masterpieces for yourself. These will auto-play, but to hear the sound you need to click the icon on the top left of each clip.

Of course Charles is no stranger to short but awesome video clips as demonstrated in the YouTube clip below which accompanied our interview with the great man from 2012.

Let us know what you think of these Vines below.