Fennecar, I cruise you!

Pokémon vehicles aren't that new of a thing. Odds are likely you've seen images of a Pikachu Beetle zipping about the Internet. However, Toyota has upped the ante at this year's Tokyo Toy Show by throwing out not only a Pikachu car, but one modeled after Fire-type starter Fennekin as well.

Both Pokécars are from Toyota's Toyopet model, which was first made from the late '40s to mid-'50s. The originals were based heavily off the look of Volkswagen's Beetle, but the line has returned with a more modern design. Still primed for plastering cuter species of Pokémon onto, though!

We've set up a gallery of photos here, but you can see more info at Japan Trends. Also thanks to the fine folks over at Tiny Cartridge who know that any time is the right time to evoke Billy Ocean.

What model of Pokécar would you want to cruise the routes with? Let us know below.

[source japantrends.com, via tinycartridge.com]