In classic retro gaming fashion, Shovel Knight comes with a slew of cheat codes to unlock various perks and quirks. By far the most prominent of these codes has been Butt Mode, which replaces many of the common words in the game (e.g. "Shovel," "Knight," "Magic") with "Butt." Yacht Club Games are obviously professionals to employ a word with such a compact word-length-to-humour ratio.

Cheats are activated by starting a new character and entering the code as their name. A list of more than 300 discovered codes has been compiled, but we'll save you precious milliseconds to Butt Mode by copying that specific code here: WSWWAEAW.

All codes are said to work on both the Wii U version and the 3DS version, whose reviews you can read by clicking on the preceding links.

Frankly, we're quite surprised we didn't see a rush of tip e-mails regarding this, dear readers. We're not accusing you of anything. We just... we thought we knew you...

[source tinycartridge.com, via steamcommunity.com]