Here's a sneak look

Indie studio Rivyd Incorporated has revealed that it is producing a platform title exclusively for the Wii U eShop by the name of Kenji: Rise of a Hero.

The title is expected to launch on November 25th, and is being billed as a title for "advance players, or beginners that want to better their game". It's a single-player romp, and Rivyd claim it will be "one of the most difficult games to date for the Wii U".

Details are thin on the ground at present, but according to the press release, the main character is based on Rivyd's Hiram Jaden Maldonad. Kenji's back story is interesting, to say the least:

The design of Kenji reflects Hiram in just about every way, down to the clothing. When first created, Kenji had an initial design but no name. Hiram Decided to name Kenji after "Mike Kenji Shinoda" a vocalist and keyboard player in the rock group Linkin Park. The decision came after the fact that Kenjis design was just completed, and Hiram was listening to "Kenji" by "Mike Kenji Shinoda". Hiram decided to go with a monkey, due to the fact that Hiram was born June 4th, 1992 which happened to fall on the year of the monkey on the Chinese Zodiac. The clothes Kenji bears are the same garments you will always see Hiram with. The three spikes on his head represent a "Mohawk" Hiram use to have. You can also see that Kenji’s design shares certain things in common with a lot of Hiram’s favorite video game characters.

Hiram provides clarification of why the main character is based on him, going on to speak about the other members of the team:

I really wanted to establish a connection with my character. Kenji represents just about everything about me. That tends to make it a lot easier when writing the story or any scripts. Rather than thinking what a character would do or say, I think about what I would do or say in that situation.

The game art is looking toward revamping olden-style Japanese games. Assets were firstly hand-drawn by myself and Tony Yang, and then painted digitally by Tim Prowls to give a more stunning appearance. Matched by an upbeat soundtrack penned by Lee Andrew Pancake. The game is currently being programmed and built by Terrence Andrews, Tyler Schmeda and Tim Prowls.

Aside from the teaser images, the only other piece of media is the main theme tune, which you can listen to below.