Keeping us waiting...

Sega has done a fantastic job of servicing 3DS retro-lovers so far with its selection of Game Gear titles and the critically-acclaimed 3D Sega Classics range. However, the company has been curiously reluctant to bring any of its vintage titles to the Wii U eShop — despite the fact that it supported the original Virtual Console on the Wii quite heavily.

It would appear that the task of updating its past catalogue for Nintendo's latest domestic console isn't on Sega's mind right now. Yosuke Okunari — a producer at Sega who has been involved with M2's recent 3DS updates, such as 3D Outrun, 3D After Burner II and 3D Space Harrier — was asked the all-important question on Twitter, and the reply wasn't positive:

It's an understandable response; while the Wii U's install base remains relatively low, the financial cost of porting Mega Drive / Genesis and Master System games to the system probably doesn't make it worthwhile just yet. However, as Okunari-san says, if you let Sega of America know of your burning desire to play the likes of Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and Sonic the Hedgehog on your beloved GamePad, then perhaps the company's outlook will alter.

Thanks, Ryan Miller!