With today’s Guardians of the Galaxy play-set announcement for Disney Infinity 2.0, Family Gamer TV had the opportunity to visit Studio Gobo and ask them about where the Wii U version of the game would sit in comparison to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

When asked whether Studio Gobo were covering all the platforms themselves studio head Tony Beckwith responded, “We are doing the Wii U version yes, and it’s closer to Xbox 360 to be honest and it looks really good.”

Although some might have hoped to see the Wii U grouped with the higher end visuals on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, if it can match the visuals of the Xbox 360 it will still be a very nice-looking rendition of Disney Interactive’s latest offering.

Perhaps more pressing the Nintendo owners is more news on the Wii and Wii U upgrade paths. Disney have already confirmed that there will be a digital alternative to buying another starter pack if you already own the first game, but exactly how that will work and how much cheaper it will be is still to be confirmed.

This is most important for Wii owners who purchased the original game. Without a Wii version this time round it seems there will be an upgrade path to Wii U (as the newer console is compatible with the Wii’s Infinity Base) but again details are not forthcoming as yet.

While you wait for those to emerge we’ll leave you with the first 30 minutes of the Guardians play-set running on 360, which as Beckwith suggested should be similar to how it looks on the Wii U.