Image of Japanese distribution via Serebii

Pokémon X & Y may have been released last October, but it's still a hub for millions of players engaging in online battles and trading pocket monsters. There's also the Trading Card Game, and The Pokémon Company is taking the opportunity to plug its most recent expansion — Pokémon TCG: XY—Flashfire — by offering a distribution through GAME stores in the UK — it brings a previous Japan-only event over to the West.

From Friday (11th July) until 10th August players with a 3DS / 2DS and either game will be able to head into their local GAME and use Nintendo Zone to pick up a free 'mon; stores without Nintendo Zone will provide a special code. It's a Charizard, and the details from the press release, below, show why you should want it.

This Charizard is holding the Mega Stone that enables it to Mega Evolve during battle, becoming even more powerful than before! Pokémon X players will get a Charizard holding a Charizardite Y Mega Stone. The Charizard that Pokémon Y players get will be holding a Charizardite X.

Will you be heading to your local GAME in the UK, or are you elsewhere in the world and hoping that this event will be available in your area? Let us know.