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Carlos Garcia, from Anima Project Studio, has been in touch to clarify that the company — producing Anima: Gate of Memories — is an entirely separate entity from the developer that produced WiiWare predecessor Ark of Sinners. Anima Project is the company behind the original Anima Beyond Fantasy books, and would like this new title to be considered as a fresh break from its predecessor.

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Those that were keen WiiWare fans may remember Anima: Ark of Sinners, a fairly ambitious sidescrolling action title set in the world of RPG saga Anima Beyond Fantasy. It was ambitious and absolutely nailed its storytelling, but in our view fell well short in the gameplay stakes, serving up a frustrating experience.

Yet still, it's a franchise with a number of keen supporters, as shown by the success of its Kickstarter campaign for Anima: Gate of Memories, which is due to come to Wii U — after PC and Mac — later this year.

With the title having been in development for over a year, the Spanish development studio has now released the first full gameplay trailer, showing a good deal of progress since its Kickstarter prototype videos. It does immediately bring back memories of the Wii title in the setting and tone of dialogue, though this time around it's a 3D world; the initial gameplay looks fairly positive and a lot less floaty than its predecessor.

There's potential for the camera to be troublesome, perhaps, but this looks like a decent foundation. Check it out below and let us know what you think.