Nintendo Game Seminar

Through the Wii U eShop, in particular, Nintendo has been doing a good job of accommodating and supporting smaller developers. Its Nintendo Web Framework allows for games produced through code such as HTML5, while supporting and offering a free Unity License can certainly be credited as bringing a lot of titles to the platform that — in some cases — may not have otherwise been ported across.

The store has seen a fair few developers making their commercial début on the system, and Nintendo is clearly keen to encourage younger programmers to do just that. It's announced the Nintendo Game Seminar in Japan — last year it was set up to encourage young programmers to use the Nintendo Web Framework — and this year is focused on 2D games created through the Unity engine. Open to university students in the Tokyo metropolitan or Kansai region, it'll run from August this year to March 2015 and allow the lucky entrants substantial access and support in learning more about using the tool-set; those taking part will attend lectures, receive access to development equipment and even have an opportunity to work with some Nintendo staff.

Students must apply between 16th - 29th June and can visit the official website for terms and details on travel expenses — those that are successful with be grouped into teams of seven for the process.

It's certainly a great opportunity for those that take part, and hopefully in the future similar programmes will be rolled out in the West.

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