Moon Chronicles

Renegade Kid's Moon Chronicles: Episode 1 has been available in North America since mid-May, with episode two on the way relatively soon — this episodic remake of DS retail game Moon will ultimately arrive in four parts. Its arrival in Europe has been held back to date, however, with the developer telling us the following when we asked about a release in the region earlier this year:

Due to the requirements of PEGI, USK, and OFLC, it is unfortunately a fact that any future releases from us in Europe will be delayed after the North American release because they require a final game build before evaluating a game, and a review time of 10 days, whereas the ESRB does not.

The studio has now confirmed to us that Moon Chronicles will arrive as one download in Europe and Australia that contains all four episodes; Q4 is the target release window.This will mean, from the developer's perspective, that the title will only undergo one set of ratings procedures with PEGI, USK and OFLC for PAL regions.

Are you looking forward to Moon Chronicles in Europe? What do you think of the all-in-one Q4 release plans? Let us know.