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Nintendo has revealed during its E3 2014 Digital Event that Miis will be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games, and they're a lot more fleshed out than you might have thought. The showcase initially teased the inclusion by showing Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime face off against one another in an epic Matrix-inspired battle.

Given that Miis are a personal representation of the player, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai and his team have allowed for further customisation with this particular character. There are three different Mii variants to choose from: Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter and Mii Gunner.

The Mii Brawler is a fast and in-your-face fighter, designed for close-combat. The Mii Swordfighter — unsurprisingly — is a weapons master, while Mii Gunner will utilise long-ranged attacks in their bid to win the fight.