The biggest game of Mario ever

A 10 year-old Canadian boy named Patrick has terminal brain cancer and is confined to a wheelchair, but thanks to The Children's Wish Foundation of Saskatchewan he got to realise one of his dreams: to control a life-sized version of the Super Mario Bros. video game.

50 volunteers — including the cast of Odyssey Productions, a local theatre group — constructed the set in less than a week, giving Patrick the chance to control the world-famous plumber — played by Louis Gareau — and defeat the evil Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.

The production is impressive for something built in such a short space of time, and the thought that has gone into it is clear for all to see — when Gareau takes a hit, he quickly drops off-stage to be replaced by a smaller Mario, just like the original video game.

Sadly, we can't embed the video here, but you can view it over on the CTV Saskatoon site. If thou possesseth a cold heart, prepare for it to be well and truly warmed.