We like cool stuff, we suspect you like cool stuff too — it's cool after all. The Nintendo UK store — still surprisingly the only official online store of its type in terms of range of goods and setup — is keen to let you know that it's got you covered for fun gaming extras that help you show the world how much you love Nintendo.

The 'Cool Stuff' section on the store has caught our eye (thanks for the heads up 123axis!) for its surprisingly decent range of goodies. There are inexpensive options such as keyrings, t-shirts and hats, useful accessories such as stylish 3DS cases and console / GamePad skins, and some pricey — in some cases exclusive for a UK retailer — figurines. Check out some of the products below.

Link Epona
DK Wallet
Goomba Hat
Mushroom Tshirt

Plenty of these items have been on the store for a while, but the new section and its design do a great job of showing them off. We're certainly hopeful that other countries in Europe will have similar stores soon, while it'll be interesting to see whether an equivalent with this approach to retail-style promotion will come to North America.

If you're in the UK, check out the full range and let us know if any catch your eye.

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