Nice shot!

The second helping of DLC for Mario Golf: World Tour is now available in both North America and Europe. The new Flower pack takes up 447 blocks (that's the EU size) and showcases the Layer-Cake Desert and Sparkling Waters 18-hole courses.

Furthermore, that loveable rogue Nabbit is now a playable character, and as before fresh challenges are included. There's also the option to use the courses in various modes — it costs $5.99/ €5.99 / £5.39 on its own, or is included in a Season Pass; there is still a DLC trial pack available for free.

It's unclear whether this pack is fully 'launched' or whether the process is merely fiddly, meanwhile. When we went into Toad's Booth and the DLC section there was no prompt to access the content — by pretending to buy a pack we already had through the Season Pass, the game then picked up that our content on the eShop had been updated. From this point on it downloaded and installed on its own; hopefully the process will be improved.

We gave Mario's latest golfing adventure a solid 9 out of 10 review not so long ago. Did you pick it up, along with the Season Pass? Or do you plan to cherry-pick the DLC packs instead? Let us know what you think of the new courses by posting a comment below.

Thanks to Jody for the heads up.