RPG action ahoy!

If you're looking forward to playing more handheld classics on your 3DS then you'll be pleased to learn that the Australian Classification board has handed out ratings for two new Game Boy Color games.

Harvest Moon 3 and Lufia: The Legend Returns have both been given a "General" rating, which is a good sign that they're coming to the North American and European 3DS eShops very soon.


Harvest Moon 3 is the final entry in the series for the Game Boy Color and features the usual livestock-bothering gameplay as you try to make your farm the most productive around. The Japanese edition was actually released in "Boy" and "Girl" formats, but the western release — which occurred in 2001 — combined the two versions.

Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third entry in the semi-famous RPG franchise and its first portable outing. It gained mixed reviews upon release, but the stature of the series should ensure that many will give it a look.

Are you interested in checking out either of these two? Let us know with a comment.