Mega Man Battle Network

This week's arrival of Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island on the Wii U Virtual Console drew to a close the initial run of confirmed Game Boy Advance titles in the West. With more confirmed for Japan, however, we're simply awaiting formal details on what's next for those of us outside of Nintendo's homeland.

While first-party content will continue to flow, the inclusion of third-party games — in all likelihood with publishing support from Nintendo — will hopefully keep retro gamers even more interested. Capcom's been rather supportive of the Virtual Console platforms over the years, including an upcoming lineup of Game Boy Mega Man titles throughout May on the 3DS. The Blue Bomber looks set to have some GBA love on the Wii U, too.

The Australian Ratings Board has posted ratings for Mega Man Battle Network 3, with individual entries for the White and Blue iterations. This was one of many Mega Man spin-offs, in this case a tactical RPG in which the battling robots are duking it out in a fictional internet of the future. The turn-based action is, obviously, a major diversion from the series norm, but no doubt had some fans when originally released. Whether the earlier series entries from the GBA library will arrive is unclear, though they don't have equivalent ratings entries at the time of writing.

Were you a fan of this series in the past, and are you interested in trying it out on Wii U?

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