It's not often that Europe is well ahead of North America with localisations, but that's the case with Inazuma Eleven. European gamers have enjoyed the original 'main' portable series trilogy already; only the original Inazuma Eleven has arrived in North America as an eShop-only game. Japan rules all with the Level-5 franchise, however, as it's already completed the second portable-only trilogy, three games with the GO title that start with a separate group of heroes in a world set around 10 years after the original trilogy.

Europe will finally start to catch up, however, as Nintendo of Europe has announced that the first entry in this trilogy — Inazuma Eleven Go: Shadow and Inazuma Eleven Go: Light — will arrive in two versions as retail releases on 13th June.

The dual release follows similar choices in the second and third games of the original series, though differences between the two are typically very minor. These games originally landed in Japan in late 2011, which gives an idea of the delay for localisation.

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