Hullbreach Arctica

HullBreach Uncloaked is an intriguing Wii U eShop title in a couple of respects — it's based on a Wii-browser MMORPG called HullBreach Online, and its developer (HullBreach Studios) has bold plans for the scope that it'll offer. It'll have all 576 sectors of its online predecessor, except with fully-realised 3D visuals and expanded gameplay including combat — the studio's lead developer Daniel Gump told us in an interview that the studio hopes it "will give reason to go back to the console day after day".

It's not low on ambition, in that case, and in recent weeks the studio has been gradually releasing screens of ships, and most recently a 10 second clip showing a burst to warp speed. The studio's Randy Freer has now given us an early link to a full video that shows over a minute of direct feed footage of the game in action. Its self-explanatory title is "The Locations of HullBreach", and gives a glimpse of familiar and unfamiliar planets included in the game's universe.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.