Little Inferno has sold a million units across all platforms since it launched in 2012, but Tomorrow Corporation's Kyle Gray still thinks he and his company could have done a better job. To that end, he has given a talk at this year's GDC about the many mistakes made during the production of the title.

Gray admits that the development was "crazy", and that it was only when the Wii U "became a thing" that the project gained focus. However, He also thinks that he and his coworkers made a game that "no one can talk about", and that it was a mistake to load so much "cool content" towards the latter part of the game.

Finally, Gray stated that many people misunderstood what the game was all about:

If you have a message in your game, the chances are people aren't going to get it. A lot of people thought Little Inferno was about global warming or a critical commentary on freemium games, but it wasn't.

What we were trying to talk about was the team's own neurosis, that we were all hitting 30 years of age and feeling old. We were concerned with time; making the most of it and not wasting it, like getting out of a job you hate or a bad relationship. People in Little Inferno are just doing the same thing and they don't realize there is this whole world out there.

We awarded Little Inferno 8/10 when we reviewed it back in November 2012, saying that "it's surprising both for the simplicity of its concept ("burn things"), and for the fact that such a coherent and lovingly crafted experience has been built around that idea."

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