Pokemon Google

Google may be a mega corporation with investments in killer robots, but it does also (occasionally) have a sense of humour. Two years ago it unveiled an awesome NES cart version of Google Maps, and it's now incorporated its map software with one of the biggest brands in gaming — Pokémon.

This app sets wannabe Pokémon Masters on a trek around the world, using Google Maps on their trusty smartphones to track down all of the world's 'mon; judging by the trailer it'll be quite a task. The winner will become Google's official Pokémon Master, no doubt making key policy decisions within the corporation when appointed.

You can see the video advertising the challenge below, which will need plenty of bravery, ingenuity and air miles to complete. Either that or it's something to do with the fact that it's already April Fools' in Japan; still, Google Maps does do something when you follow the instructions.

We'll let you check it out and decide...

[source neogaf.com]