Abyss Wii U 5

Way back in April last year EnjoyUp Games showed Abyss running on the Wii U, leading to thoughts of a sequel or HD remake of the well-regarded DSiWare title. The latter has now been confirmed, with the studio confirming to us that it's aiming for a release in April or May, while there'll be a budget price — $1.99 in North America, for example.

The storyline remains the same — you're piloting the Nep2no underwater in 3024 to gather 'Gaia' energy stones. The press release does outline some new features for this Wii U version, however.

  • 12 Original missions plus 8 in Dark mode.
  • Competitive two-player mode.
  • New Graphic Effects and remixed Music.
  • Off-TV Mode.

We rated this fairly highly on DSiWare in 2012, despite accusing it of a lack of depth (geddit?); we awarded 7/10 in our review. With new features and a budget price point this may be one worth watching for the Wii U eShop — are you planning to dive in?